February 2024 Monthly Review


  • Vacationed 😎🌴 sorta
  • Started a caloric deficit
  • Did not stick to habits from January 😞
  • Started KMC Vending LLC & purcahsed a vending machine location
  • Made progress on the coaching side of the MacroFlex app

Revisit my goals for the month

In my January 2024 Review post I set some goals for February.

I wanted to take the momentum from January into February and shift my focus to the coaching side of the MacroFlex app.

Here's what I want to do next month with MacroFlex:

  • Coach analytics of their clients
  • Coaches can calculate and track macros for clients
  • Clients can input macros, view macros
  • I also want to attend more of the nutrition coaching meetings + Facebook groups to help and potentially input MacroFlex when it fits. But not to be too pushy.

By the end of the month I want to have 1 coach user (besides myself and Brynne) on the app - paying πŸ€‘.

I was able to accomplish some of these goal this month, but.... a lot of other things happened that I'll get into.

Vending machines! More about it below πŸ‘‡

Goals for this year

But first, let's take a look at my goals for the year.

How did it go?

This month was a wild one. We had Brynnes Birthday πŸ₯³ to start the month, then a few weeks later we had a soccer tournament for oldest son (8) which we traveled to for 4 days.

I didn't quite make as much progress on the MacroFlex app, but we still accomplished a lot.

Let's get into it


Vending Machines

I'll start with a little bit of a background on this since it might seem like a big change πŸ˜….

About 3 years ago I told my wife we needed to look into the vending machine business. I bought a few courses but didn't do anything with it.

A friend of ours bought a route last year for over $200k and is making about $7k per month 🀯

My wife was sold.

At the end of last year we started talking about it more and I added it to my acquisition list. If we could get started by landing a location or purchasing a profitable route, we could slowly build it.

It's also a great, simple business to get the kids involved. Simple math.

So this month we decided.... let's dive into it! Instead of focusing on the HOW we decided to do it NOW. We created KMC Vending LLC and spun up a quick website just in case anyone asked about it: kmcvending.com

We knew that going from 0 to 1 is always the hardest part of anything. So our focus has been just getting 1 location and 1 machine.

This can be done a few different ways, but our strategy was either:

  1. Find locations and sell them on the idea of vending machine services

  2. Find people that are selling their locations or routes

We started with #1 by using a vending locator service. This service built us a list of over 500 locations in my state.

Once I had this list I hit the ground running. I started cold calling businesses and actually had a bit of success with a few. Although this put me outside of my comfort zone, I knew I needed to go THROUGH it to get what I wanted.

I haven't closed any of those locations yet, but I'm still in communication with them today.

The real success this month came from finding a vending machine location on Facebook Marketplace.

I contacted the seller and went to see the location at a tire shop.

2 machines: 1 soda + 1 snack

The location was clean, machines were clean.

  • Selling Price: $5,500
  • Purchase Price: $4,500
  • Average monthly revenue: $450

My rule is I want to make our purchase price back in 1 year. In this case, we would make back our purchase price in 10 months.

As stressful as it all was, we did it. We purchased our first location, I even restocked the machines and collected some cash πŸ’°.

I'll continue to write about the business in future posts.

MacroFlex App

My goal this month was to focus primarily on the coaching side of the MacroFlex app.

The plan was to get enough features in to get a paying customer. However, with the vending machine business I didn't get as far as I wanted to.

Keep in mind my focus is getting something working fow now, an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). I'll optimize and design more later.

Here's what I did complete this month:

  • Coach insights dashboard
    • Client log view
  • Coach can add macros + view macro logs
  • Clients can add macros
  • Client list view
  • Client Overview page

I've been using the changes for my own nutrition clients. I can see what their averages are, if any changes happen in their biofeedback, and I can make adjustments to their plan each week.

I can also set sleep, step, water goals, and tasks for clients in the app.

MacroFlex Nutrition Coaching

I've been working with the same client for about 8 weeks now. He's making great progress and crushing it all around.

It's common for people to think they need to do cardio + lower calories to lose weight. This is actually not the best way to do it.


When you lower calories it causes stress to the body. If you eat too low of calories for too long your metabolist adapts and your body thinks this is where it needs to be. If you eat over this low amount, you gain weight.

If you then start adding cardio you also increase stress to the body and if you don't have enough fuel to feed workouts your body goes into survival mode and starts to store anything it can.

This leads to a "skinny fat" look. Which is something I struggled with for many years.

The best fix for this is to do a "reverse diet". Slowly add more calories into your diet each week. Men should add in about 100 calories per day for 1 week (so 1 week you'd go from 1,500 calories to 1,600 then up 100 more the next week). Women would increase by 50.

You'll slowly increase until you're back up to maintenence. Once there, you'll stay in maintenence for about 4 week before going into a calorie deficit again. If you don't start losing weight in the deficit, go back to maint for another 2 weeks.

Many clients worry that by adding in more calories/food that they'll start gaining weight. As they go through this "reverse diet" process, they see that they don't gain any weight, typically.

Overall, MacroFlex Coaching is going great. I love working with people to change their lives. It's a lot of fun for me.

I've also updated our website with a coaching page and blog!

Click here to check it out!


We acquired the vending machine location this month which completes one of my goals for the year!

  • Aqcuire 1 boring business

We plan to expand on the business in coming months as well.

The goal still remains to aqcuire 1 SaaS. As of right now I don't have the bandwidth to maintain it while building MacroFlex.

I have been a bit interested in looking into Amazon KDP or Merch accounts. We started an account about 6 year ago but I'd like to aqcuire an established account and take over sales.


We had a great month with the family. With Brynnes birthday and the soccer tournament trip, we had a great time!

My goal with all of this isn't so I can work more. It's so that I can work less with more buy buttons working for me.

This next month we'll be going outdoors for soccer. I'm the assistant coach to my son's team it'll be a bit busy but I'm looking forward to it.


My fitness goals for 2024 is to build muscle.

This month I finished a 7 month bulk πŸŽ‰. On August 14th I weighed 150lbs and I finished at a high this month of 167lbs! That's 17 lbs at an average of 2.5lbs per month which is what my goal was.

My goal was to bulk for 8 months. However - I've started to feel sluggish, thick, and with no appetite.

This is why it's important to focus on biofeedback. To see changes in your body and the way you feel. I knew this month I needed to start a cut to spark some metobolic adaptation.

So over the last week I've started a cut and will be cutting until about May which is about 12 weeks-ish.

Stats this month:

  • Current weight: 162.8lbs (down 2 lbs since last month)
  • Weight: high of 167lbs (Up 2.5 lbs) low at 162.8lbs
  • Average steps: 9,130 (down 983 from last month)
  • Macro breakdown going into cut
    • Total calories: 2,002
    • Protein: 170
    • Fat: 70
    • Carbs: 173

My current macros puts me in about a 300 caloric decifit. I mostly kept my protein and fats the same, most of the calories are reduced from carboydrates.

This is for a few reasons:

  1. Carbs are non-essential, protein and fats are.
  2. I don't want to reduce protein past 1 x body weight (162) - I usually set mine a little higher.
  3. Protein keeps you full - this is great when in a deficit!
  4. During a cut I want to shred the fat, but maintain muscle. Carbs help with energy levels when pushing hard in the gym but when I'm in a cut I'm not expecting to break personal records. I just want to lift weight to maintain muscle.

I'm also switching from using the Swole App app since I've completed the 8 week program and will be using SetGraph to log workouts.


Unfortunately I haven't been using my habit tracking app this month 😒

I think it proves to me how valuable it can be to have something to help you keep you habits at the top of your mind.

This month I will start using it again to track, we'll get back to it.

A few habits I have stuck with:

  • Nightly stretching + roller
  • Planning 3 lever moving tasks for the next day (I'll go into this more in another post and link it here.)

Some habits I want to start doing next month:

  • Whiteboard (or battle board)
    • Each morning write what I'm going to accomplish for the day
  • Pomodoros in Benji
  • More time outside with the kids

Looking forward

This next month I am going to refocus my attention to MacroFlex.

What I want to accomplish next month:

  1. MacroFlex Coaching app is ready for paid users
  • Add ability to do monthly check-ins
  • Clean up existing UI
  • Update landing page
  • Add payment methods
  1. MacroFlex Nutrition Coaching site is ready to accept payments (for my own nutrition clients)
  2. Weekly emails with value to coaching clients
  3. Consistent monthly habits

I won't set any new goals for the vending business. At this point I want to take some time to learn the business and machines we currently have. Then scale from there.

See you'll next month! πŸ‘‹


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