January 2024 Monthly Review

Revisit my 2024 goals


For 2024 I've made the commitment to ship 3 apps this year. In retrospecitve of 2023 I realized I've been building apps without actually shipping anything.

That stops this year.

My main focus is to ship πŸš€.

I've decided to start with MacroFlex since it's the app I've been working on the longest and I'm working with a nutrition client that currently records theirs stats in a spreadsheet πŸ˜”. I want my clients to see their own health progress and analytics. As their coach, I also need insight into their progress to make adjustments. This currently can't be done well using a spreadsheet.

Since I need real data to work with and I want my clients to start tracking in the app, I decided to put most of my focus into the building the client app.

Clients can:

  • Complete tasks assigned to them by their coach
  • Add logs:
    • Steps
    • Water
    • Sleep
    • Weight
  • Add Biofeedback
    • This is important to keep track of things like hunger, energy, stress, mood, etc.
  • See all their log data charted

Coaches can also:

  • Invite clients
  • Add tasks for their client
  • Add goals for their client
  • Update settings

This gives me as a coach the neccesary things I need to get my clients started.

I'm proud of myself for coding this every day. It shows that being consistent matters. Small changes over time is what builds the life you want.

It's also important to note that I re-started building this app with a new tech stack in late December 2023. so it's only a month old!

MacroFlex Nutrition Coaching

I'v also signed another nutrition coach client for $600 / 12 weeks. This is great validation that when people have a problem, they are willing to pay for it. This also helps me stay motivated with building MacroFlex because I'm solving my own problem with real people and I care to get them the best results.

Tomorrow I'm planning on getting this client setup on MacroFlex to start testing it.

This is something I really find myself enjoying. I'll get better at it with time, but I really enjoy seeing people get the results they're looking for.

I'm now 4 week is with this client. At the 12 week I'll be able to get my official Nutrition Coaching Certification.


I've been talking with a friend of mine who has acquired 2 businesses over the last year (and crushing it) to understand HOW to acquire. He's been great help and a few weeks ago told me about a deal for buying vending machines. I was stoked to hear about this but after he did more digging in, he felt the deal wasn't as good as we had thought.

I've also watched a few sites like Flippa but haven't seen much yet that interests me.

This next month I want to spend more time finding deals. Instead of focusing on the HOW, I want to focus on DOING it NOW.

This month I've realized I can't do everything. I can't work a 9-5, freelance, build side projects, and still have time and energy in the day for my family. I have to pick and choose where I want to spend my time.

It's hard building my own projects that haven't brought in much money (or any) but I know if I keep chipping at business something will come out of it.


The kids are getting big 😩πŸ₯Ή

They all have their own personalities and are so different.

Both Kohen and Milo started Jr Jazz this month and doing great. Kohen is still crushing it in soccer, he's getting noticibly better and I love that I get to be the assistant coach of his to (secretly just to spend more time with him 🀐)

As always, I'm so impressed with Brynne (my wife). She's been crushing it in the gym and has started off the year in a cut. I don't think she's missed a day of hitting her macro's and steps. So impressed 😍. She also decided to coach Milo's basketball team when no else would. I love that she stepped outside of her comfort zone and she's doing a great job.

It's important to me as a husband and father to continue improving as a person, and reflecting on how things are going to create awareness.

Without awareness we don't know where we can improve.

I've been working on asking the kids questions more when they are upset. I've been working on being aware of when I'm feeling frustrated as well and talking about those feelings without getting upset. I feel like this teaches my kids how to manage their own emotions and talk about them.


My fitness goals for 2024 is to build muscle. I see people all the time saying they want to put on "x" amont of lbs of muscle for the year but I have no idea what realistic. So my goal is just to learn and build.

This has been my goal for the last....3-5 years but it's been a learning journey for me.

Stats this month:

  • Current weight: 164.8 lbs
  • Weight: Up 1.5 lbs
  • Average steps: 10,113
  • Macro breakdown
    • Total calories: 2,695
    • Protein: 179
    • Fat: 75
    • Carbs: 326

My current macros puts me in about a 400 caloric surplus. With gaining 1.5lbs this month it seems like it's the right spot. I'm aiming towards 1.5-2 lbs per month.

I'm currently doing the Swole App as I transition from lifting heavy + building strength to lifting lighter to build hypertrophy. We'll see how it goes.


This is one of my favorite sections. Personally I think having good, consistent habits is what helps me get results at the end of the month.

Four of my favorite habits from this month are:

  1. Daily Dad book
  2. Daily Stoic book
  3. Read
  4. Ship it!

Reading daily has always been a top priority for me. Reading the Daily Dad + Daily Stoic books have been my favorite so far. Every day you just read one article (they have one for each day) and it's usually 2 pages. I read these first thing in the morning and it really sets my day up.

I'm been reading the two books below for #3:

  • The Art of Focus by Dan Koe
  • Million Dollar Weekend by Noah Kagan

Man.... these two books are amazing. I'd highly recommend.

Lastly, shipping πŸš€ every day. Right now I'm mostly developing on a main branch and I'm pushing straight to production. Without having many users (just Brynne and I) I push all updates daily. This has been moving super quick. To make sure I get to cross this habit from the list and keep my streak (see below) I make sure to ship daily.

Some habits I need to improve next month that I didn't make a priority this month:

  • Meditation
  • Journal (I did a few times)
  • Read scriptures (started off strong, got behind)

Productivity habit

It's difficult to manage working a 9-5, chasing 3 kids, freelancing, building apps, fitness etc and still having energy for the rest of life.

So this month I've stayed consisted with a new approach which I call the Focus Flow 🧠.

I won't go into it much here, I'll create a new post for it but it has helped me stay on track with tasks + complete 4 very productivive 90 minute focus blocks daily.

I'll link the article and post about it in my newsletter so sign up if you want to be notified once it's ready.

Looking forward

This month I feel like I've made great initial progress.

I need to take this momentum into February and shift my focus on MacroFlex to the coaching app.

Here's what I want to do next month with MacroFlex:

  • Coach analytics of their clients
  • Coaches can calculate and track macros for clients
  • Clients can input macros, view macros

I also want to attend more of the nutrition coaching meetings + Facebook groups to help and potentially input MacroFlex when it fits. But not to be too pushy.

By the end of the month I want to have 1 coach user (besides myself and Brynne) on the app - paying πŸ€‘.

This month we will also have Brynnes birthday πŸŽ‚ 🎈 a soccer tournament for Kohen ⚽️

See you'll next month! πŸ‘‹


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