Introducing MacroFlex: A CRM for Nutrition Coaches

The idea for MacroFlex has shifted over the years.

A few years ago it was a mobile app for people that track their macros and go to the gym (hence MacroFlex).

This idea came to me because I've been using 3-5 different apps to track my progress (weight, nutrition, exercise, water, sleep, etc).

So having this all in one app sounded great!

Here's the problem ๐Ÿ‘‡

Consumer apps don't typically do well as a business. People don't like to spend money on apps (unless you're me and I buy all apps ๐Ÿ˜‰ ask my wife).

So my thought processes shifted from B2C to B2B as I thought about the business side of things.

The First Transition

The light bulb fipped on ๐Ÿ’ก - An app for personal trainers to use for their clients! They could use the app to assign macros, exercises, track progress, and get all the data/analytics to make adjustments.

During this transition I joined the Indie Masterminds Community where we worked together in groups once per week to discuss our products. Everyone liked the idea of MacroFlex and I got great feedback. Some people even said - it really would be nice as a client to get the data and feedback and no longer user a spreadsheet.

The difficult part for me at the time (looking back I was just too scared to reach out and search) was finding fitness coaches that were willing to talk to me and use a new app for their clients. The coaches I did reach out to didn't seem to need a new app or they didn't care to give it the time of day.

Finding comunities of certified coaches was a challenge for me. Unless I was a coach myself.

The Second Transition

Over the last few years I've been on my own health/fitness journey. I've learned a lot and I had people asking questions about their situation. I've had a growing passtion for nutrition and fitness over the last few years and have felt like one day I might want to get certified to be a nutrition coach.

This also fit my brand with MacroFlex. If I was a coach, I could use this app for my clients + get the results to then market the app much better. I would be the test user and know first hand the issues.

I also knew that if I joined a program I'd have access to other fitness coaches in the community. I wanted to be an Embedded Entrepreneur.

So I decided to get my nurition certification at NCI to help others with their nutrition, build MacroFlex, and be in a community that I love and want to help.

The new phase of MacroFlex was born.

During the certification process we needed to work with "guiena pig" clients to gain experience and show that we can capable of being a coach and get certified. I soon realized that all coaches were either using apps that didn't quite fit nutrition, or were bloated, or they just didn't like.

We were given a spreadsheet to use with our clients. I've learned over the years anytime a business is using a spreadsheet - you can turn it into a business.

So that's what I'm doing. MacroFlex is a CRM for Nutrition/Health Coaches.

It allows them to:

  • Assign weekly tasks to clients
  • Generate macros based on the clients data
  • Keep track of macro progression, weight, sleep, steps
  • Keep track of biofeedback (stress, hunger, recovery, digestion, libido)

All of these things work together, so having one app that allows you to see the clients overall picture will help make the adjustments needed to progress.

That's the idea anyway - we'll see how it goes!

Below are some images of the spreadsheet, stay tuned to see what it looks like in a few months!


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